Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Anti-cricket SNP politician - Sandra White

Today there was an interesting article in The Spectator, by Alex Massie, regarding the loony SNP politician Sandra White. The woman is clearly an idiot....much the same as Christine Grahame 4 years previously. Amazing how these ignorant politicians save up this crap and discharge it every 4 years during the Ashes. Publicity perhaps???

I'll let you make your own minds up.


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Study of a team in crisis?

Yesterday our 1st XI managed a rare feat. A loss. And ZERO points from the game (our league has 20 points for a win, but the loser can get up 12 points, depending on wickets taken and runs scored). You don't get points from a game when you are bowled out for 57 and then fail to take a wicket.

We've got some photographic evidence from earlier in the week. Our camera captured 3 senior players in mid-week action and displaying all the signs of pent up frustration, and misplaced aggression - A TEAM ABOUT TO IMPLODE!!!??

Firstly - K-man (centre) moves towards Cow Corner's Steve, on the right. This could be a congratulory embrace. But there seems to be more in it, as Dave (left) moves to calm things down.
Dave (left) is no longer neutral. K-man clearly has said something.

Dave and Steve look like they are going to teach him a lesson. (Or take his trousers off?)

He's down ...

... so Steve lays the boot in.

Dave starts to lay some punches ...

The opposition can't let this continue and finally move to intervene.
K-dog didn't score any runs on Saturday.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sleepy hollow

Not many blogs since the season started ... well, we've been busy.

For a start, the season started! We're a small shop and those doing the donkey work are keen cricketers, so a fair few hours are taken up by playing. The shop is, of course, at its busiest at this time of year.

Most excitingly, we've also been to court a few times. We'll leave this to your imagination for now, and give you the fascinating details of the CASE, when it is all done and dusted. Let's just say, for now, it's to do with us being ripped off by a dodgy courier last year. Better not say the name at the moment - but they are couriers, and using them is not a FAST WAY to get packages from A to B. We were in court today - again! For something so simple, when the opposition aren't even turning up or responding in any way, this is a tortuous drawn out process. Jarndyce v Jarndyce!

Happily, we've been using Parcelforce for ages now and they are excellent.

Watch this space.