Thursday, 4 December 2008

Shoe whitener

We have a number of things that are really difficult to sell. But what has been THE worst performing product in the history of COW CORNER. Shoe whitener?

It was my idea. I said we needed some and we bought a pack of 12. In two years we have sold ... 1 tube of the stuff. Surely the bloke had another use for it, NOT cricket-shoe related.

Shoe whitener: for people who wear leather cricket shoes and who want to ensure they are kept sparklingly white.

In the world of shoe whitener do people still wear cotton flannels and woollen cricket sweaters? Are they either clean shaven or sporting a splendid set of whiskers? Batsmen probably smoke at the crease. And they don't cheat. And maybe there are wives making cricket teas. And there aren't competitive league games. And the draw wouldn't have been abolished in ESCA (our local league).

1 comment:

  1. I think I can predict Cow Corner's next prize donation...

    Trust you to start selling Loafer Lightener Colin!