Thursday, 3 September 2009

End of the season

Well there you go. Another season done and dusted. A season where
- Steve found his batting mojo again
- I suddenly thought that I might have a batting mojo somewhere in the house
- I hardly managed double figures in wickets taken
- But our 1st XI nearly got promoted, and ...
- We finally got to see Australia play in Edinburgh

Here in Edinburgh it suddenly feels like winter has arrived. As the nights draw in and the rain sets in for good, what better time to post this?

Was it all about yourself
and what you could make;
"decent" totals,
abuse hurled from the boundary?

Were you just the supporting man,
anchor, weight, security;
ballast for
brighter lights
who couldn't shine without you?

Was it all grim survival,
leaving what you could;
the grinding out of time?

Were you in complete control,
dictating and conducting;
upright in
your own time and space?

Did you blaze away
and thrash the gathering gloom?

Did you see THAT ball?
Did you play across the line;
fail to pick it,
too quick?
Did you find the track untrue?